Road to Vegas Tournament - Winners Get a Paid Trip To Vegas to Play in Mini's!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Winners get a paid trip to Vegas to play in MiniMania’s!
When?  Saturday, July 6th - Sign in at 9:30am
Where? Coconut Bowl in Sparks 
Prizes at this Local Tournament
Six Teams (that's 12 people) will win a trip to Vegas win August to play in the MiniMania Tournaments, which run in conjunction with the APA World Pool Championships.  Top 2 teams will win $800 per each team to fund their trips. Four (4) additional teams (drawn from a hat) will win $700 each.  That's 6 teams total with a total purse of $4,400 regardless of the number of teams who participate.  Bottom line - this is a great odds way of possibly winning CASH to fund a trip to Vegas to play in the MiniMania Tournaments at the largest & most exciting pool tournament in the world.  Just playing in this tournament gives you a chance - even if you don't place high in the tournament.  TRULY - ANYONE can win!  
Who is Eligible:
Any player on a Northern NV APA summer team with 10 or more matches in ONE format over the past 2 years.  Note, if your team wins the Northern Nevada APA Championships in May/June (or any of the Showdown Series events), you will not be eligible to compete in this event.  The idea behind this tournament is to get MORE PLAYERS to Vegas.  Sign up to secure a spot just in case.  
Format & Entry Fee:
Scotch Doubles.  Modified Single Elimination. 8-Ball on Winner's Side & 9-Ball on Loser's Side. Maximum combined skill level of 10.   $15/person 
How many teams? How do I sign up?
50 teams max. Sign up by calling/texting 775-443-8844.  Must get confirmation # before assuming you are signed up.  
More info about MiniMania Tournaments in Vegas? 
Questions?  Call or text Heather at 775-443-8844.