Northern NV APA Championships (formerly LTC's)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

 IMPORTANT INFO:  Northern NV APA Championships 

 What are the Northern Nevada APA Championships?

Northern Nevada APA Championships (formerly called LTC’s) is the name for our local Northern Nevada World Qualifier event.  We sometimes refer to this as the Super Bowl of local league play.   Teams compete for 5 total spots in the Las Vegas APA World Pool Championships (three 8-Ball spots and two 9-Ball spots)   At the local      level, the total purse for this event is approximately $25,000.00.  Teams who make it to the World event compete for even bigger cash prizes.  For more information about the APA  World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, visit

Is my team already qualified for this World Qualifier event—that is, the Northern NV APA Championships?

Your Team Captain should be able to tell you if your current team is already qualified for this big event.   There is also a list on our website which outlines all teams currently qualified.  You can see this complete list at                            .

If my team is qualified, what are the requirements for our individual players this session?

All requirements were outlined in a detailed letter your Team Captain received upon qualifying.   If your team hasn’t qualified yet, or if your team has misplaced that information, you can find these requirements at the BOTTOM of this web page:

If my team isn’t qualified yet, do we still have time to qualify? 

Yes, EVERY team definitely still has a chance to qualify.  Especially when taking into consideration the Wildcard Draw, even if your team is currently low in the standings, your team still has a chance to make it into Playoffs—and ultimately the Northern Nevada APA Championships.  To see exactly how teams qualify, visit

What are the dates for the Northern Nevada APA Championships?

For 9-Ball, the dates are May 18, 19, 25 (3-day event).             

For 8-Ball, the dates are June 1, 2, 8, and 9  (4-day event).

If our team ends up qualifying, do all of our players have to be present on all of those days associated with our format/event?

No, not necessarily.   This is just like league night.  You can use different players on your team throughout those days to strategize, so not every player needs to be present at all times.  For strategy purposes though, it’s to your team’s great advantage to have as many eligible players as possible available on those days.

What if our team doesn’t end up qualifying?  Do we have any other chances to play for money and bragging rights?

Yes!  ALL teams who do NOT make it to this event are invited to play in the annual Best of the Rest Tournament.   This is a super fun, relaxed format where teams compete for a total purse of over $4,000.00 (assuming the event fills up).