MVP Tournament: Qualified Shooters

Northern Nevada APA players have the opportunity to qualify for the MVP Tournament by placing in the “Top 3” in their skill level tier in each division during the League Year. The MVP Tournament  takes place after the end of every session, typically about 1-2 months into the following session. Exact dates are outlined on the Web Calendar...  These top players will compete for major prestige and cash prizes.
Tournament is Saturday,February 23, 2019.  Deadline to sign up is February 15th.  Tournament takes place at Coconut Bowl.... sign in at 9:30am on February 23rd.   Don't assume you are signed up until you see the words "SIGNED UP" next to your name on the list below.    To sign up, call/text 775-443-8844 or email 

Click here for a list of fall 2018 players who qualified for the MVP Tournament in February (updated Feb 19) 


Click here to see the rules for the MVP tournament.

In order to maintain MVP-Tournament-qualification, these poolplayers must stay active on any Northern Nevada APA roster (format doesn't matter) from the time they qualified until the date of the tournament.   
Congratulations to these top-rated Northern Nevada poolplayers!
Click here to see how MVP points are calculated, along with other related MVP guidelines. 
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