Northern Nevada Local Singles Tournaments (Singles Qualifiers)



 Players who have already won Local Singles Tournaments are listed below (scroll down).   

What is a Local Singles Tournament?

Players compete, using the same handicap system from regular weekly play, with the goal of making it to a Regional Singles Tournament… and ultimately a chance to compete in the APA Poolplayer Championships for BIG MONEY (total purse of $350,000.00). This is one of the coolest opportunities in amateur pool! 

What are my chances of winning at the local level?

Odds of winning are great! Tournament board consists of 8 people MAXIMUM (never more). One of those people – which could easily be you – will win.

Does it cost money to compete in Local Singles Tournament?

Northern Nevada APA runs its Local Singles Qualifiers in two different ways, depending on the event:

1. Most often we charge NOTHING to participate on a local board.  When a player wins, he/she decides if he/she wants to progress to the Regional level.  If so, there is a $140 fee.  We refer to this as the "Winner Pays All" format.  The advantage to this format is that it's "free to try."  
2. Occasionally, we charge participants to play in the local tournament, thereby resulting in the winner having no additional entry fee.  In these cases, the entry fee is $20 per person, assuming there are at least 7 people on the board.  

Who can play?

Any APA member on an active roster in the format being played who meets the following criteria - must have 10 or more scores in the format being played (i.e, 8-Ball or 9-Ball) in the past 2 years.
If I win, where are Regionals?
Sometimes, Regionals will take place in Reno.  However, this is subject to changed based on participation and other factors.  Optional locations include: Mountain View, California or other locations within a one-days driving distance.

When are Regionals?
Fall Regionals typically take place in early October.  Spring Regionals typically take place in late February or early March.
Who do I play against if I make it to Regionals (and hopefully Nationals)?

Other players with similar skill levels. Anyone can win! Everyone has a chance! 

Northern Nevada APA Local Singles Tournament Winners: January 2021- May 2021 (progress to October 2021 Spring Regionals)
Matt Cardin - 8-Ball 
Josh Burkett - 8-Ball 
Shak Ranganathan - 9-Ball
Shak Ranganathan - 8-Ball 
Larry Watkins - 8-Ball
Northern Nevada APA Local Singles Tournament Winners: January 2020 - December 2020 (progress to October 2021 Spring Regionals)
Adrian Daff - 8-Ball
Deanna Daff - 8-Ball
Shawn Magurno - 9-Ball
Zack Roza -  8-Ball
Scott Smiley - 8-Ball 
Hector Olaya - 9-Ball 
Tyler Codman - 8-Ball 
Tyler Degling - 8-Ball
Tyler Degling - 9-Ball 
Joe Ross - 8-Ball