Below if important information for Team Captains.   Even if you're not a Team Captain, you'll likely find this information very useful as a member of the league. 

Here is a flier regarding important etiquette reminders for league play: Pool League Etiquette Reminders
Check out this important info regarding the first few weeks of each session: 1st Week Reminders
Here is an easy-to-understand version of the 23-Rule: 23-Rule Summary 
Check out these reminders regarding locations that host league play: Host Location Guidelines/Etiquette 
Regardless of where you play, here are the Time Guidelines for League Play:  Click here regarding time guidelines, moving to 2 tables, and related info.
Click here for general info about how your skill level is calculated:  Handicap Calculation FAQ's
Here's where you can read about fun and important info related to your weekly patches:
Check out this link, which describes the APA's 5-Star Sportsmanship Program:
Click here to see a flier that describes how MVP is calculated: Northern NV APA MVP Program
Here's a link to the easy-to-follow videos regarding proper score-keeping.  Everyone on your team should watch these!
Click on this link for instructions on how to print your own copy of your APA membership card.  You can do this in your home computer/printer.
Click on this link to fill out the form to get your FREE -shirt --- when you recruit a new player into the APA. 
Questions?  Call 775-443-8844.   Interested in becoming a Captain?   Contact us!   We can help you get started.