Below if important information for Team Captains.   Even if you're not a Team Captain, you'll likely find this information very useful as a member of the league. 

Here is a flier regarding important etiquette reminders for league play: Pool League Etiquette Reminders
Check out this important info regarding the first few weeks of each session:  1st Week Reminders
Here is an easy-to-understand version of the 23-Rule: 23-Rule Summary 
Check out these reminders regarding locations that host league play: Host Location Guidelines/Etiquette 
Click here for general info about how your skill level is calculated:  Handicap Calculation FAQ's
Regardless of where you play, here are the Time Guidelines for League Play:  CLICK HERE regarding Rules Regarding Moving to Two Tables
Here's where you can read about fun and important info related to your weekly patches:
Check out this link, which describes the APA's 5-Star Sportsmanship Program:
Click here to see a flier that describes how MVP (formerly called Top Gun) is calculated: Northern NV APA MVP Program
Here's a link to the easy-to-follow videos regarding proper score-keeping.  Everyone on your team should watch these!
Click on this link for a printable application for new players: 
Click on this link for instructions on how to print your own copy of your APA membership card.  You can do this in your home computer/printer.
Click on this link to download the form required to get your FREE -shirt --- when you recruit a new player into the APA.   Get My Free APA T-Shirt Request Form
Questions?  Call 775-443-8844.   Interested in becoming a Captain?   Contact us!   We can help you get started.