Pool League Sportsmanship

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Let’s get serious… this is not meant to be a rough-and-tough league where players end their nights upset about a loss or overly excited about a win. None of us are (or probably ever will be) professional poolplayers. Instead, we’re here to have a great time. This is about meeting people, socializing, and leaving your ‘daily grind’ of work behind you for just a few hours once or twice a week. (Okay, yes, you might qualify for city championships, win some patches or a trophy, and maybe even go to Las Vegas for a chance to win some money… but all of that would just be an added bonus). Help us keep this FUN! Display great sportsmanship. It’s okay to congratulate players from other teams when they shoot that bank shot or run the table. And, it’s certainly okay to make friends with other teams. That’s what this is about. Keep that in mind, and you truly can’t lose. 
Our teams from throughout Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, Carson City, Dayton, Virginia City, Mound House, Fernley and surrounding areas have represented us well in local, regional, and national pool tournaments.  What a great way to have more fun doing what you love - playing pool.   
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