Northern Nevada APA Pool League: Player Weekly Awards (Patches)

Each week as Northern Nevada APA poolplayers compete in league play, there are certain accomplishments that deserve recognition! In Northern Nevada APA, one way we recognize these fun feats is to award patches. Players who meet the criteria outlined below receive a patch (assuming they request one on the team scoresheet). You can see a list of patches you have earned this session by logging onto your APA account and/or by referring the links below.  
Note - we only distribute patches when they are requested.  The easiest way to request your patch is to have your scorekeeper make a note at the bottom of the scoresheet at the end of the league match.  If the team is using the Scorekeeping App, there is a place where the scorekeeper can type such a comment at the end of the match.   If a scorekeeper forgets to make the request, an after-the-fact request can be made by filling out this form:
Patches can be picked up at any major tournament.  Any patches not picked up are put in your team's Captain Folder  - which is picked up at the End of Session event (at the end of every session). 
Congratulations for shooting so well! Way to go! 


Some ideas regarding what to do with your earned patches: 

Bring your patches to one of the dozens of major tournaments offered throughout the year.  We will grommet them for free.  Then, you can use the grommet to hang the patches on a keychain, and then hang that chain from your cue case. This is a great way to showcase all the patches you earn from session to session. Ask us for a chain; we’d be happy to provide you with one! 

Use the patches as pocket markers.
Hang the patches from your cue case.  
Hang your patches from your keychain on your car keys. 
Attach your patches to your favorite jacket or shirt. Make sure to wear your jacket when you attend tournaments (local, regional, and national) to showcase your achievements.

Note: Players cannot earn the following patches until they have at least 6 APA matches played in that respective format.  Why?  Because, players with less than 6 matches are not properly ranked, and these particular patches are impacted by skill level.   These patches include:  Rackless, 20-0, and any the the "I Beat a Higher Skilled Player" patches.

Click here to see a list of patches earned in SUMMER 2024, along with distribution information (updated 5/26/24)  


Click here to see a list of patches earned in SPRING 2024, along with distribution information (updated to include all spring matches)