2019 Northern NV Jack & Jill Tournament (April 13) - Win a Trip to Vegas!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Registration for the 2019 Northern NV APA Jack & Jill Tournament is now open. Tournament is April 13 at Coconut Bowl. 
2-Person Teams (one male and one female)
Combined Skill Level Limit = 10

BOTH players must be on an active SPRING & SUMMER 8-Ball roster
$10 entry fee per person. Top 8 teams will win cash (100% payback).  The first place team will win the majority of the money to fund their trip to Las Vegas! Total purse for this local event will be $1,280.00 (assuming participation of 64 teams).
Winning team goes to Vegas to represent Northern Nevada at the 2019 National Jack and Jill Championship in August.  Each player on the winning team must have twenty (20) 8-Ball scores by the end of May 2018, preferably by the date of the local event. 

Teams in Las Vegas compete for BIG MONEY (total purse of over $25,000.00)!!

Handicaps (skill levels) ALWAYS apply, so anyone can win!
To accommodate a larger number of teams at the local event, and therefore have larger cash prizes, the local event will have a slightly different "twist" for 8-Ball.   APA rules will of course apply, but teams will be playing 8 Ball using a 9 Ball rack (so fewer balls on the table). This format is called "Fast 8."   Once teams get to the semi-finals, we will follow the traditional 8-Ball format.   64 teams max at the local event.  Tournament expected to be over by 8pm - fast moving, exciting, more playing, less sitting around! 
To enter, you must sign up ahead of time.  Call or text 775-443-8844 or respond to this email. Spots will fill up fast.  Reservation not complete until you receive a confirmation number.  Please find a partner BEFORE you register. 

This is an easy way (GREAT ODDS) to qualify for a MAJOR MONEY tournament in Las Vegas.  Don't miss out! &nb