Northern NV APA 8-Ball Ladies Tournament Registration Open

Friday, January 18, 2019

Registration for the March 30th Northern NV APA 8-Ball Ladies Championship is now open.   One day tournament.  
Location: Coconut Bowl. Doors open at 9am.  Sign in at 9:30am. 
Ladies Only Tournament. $20 per person. 3 person teams. Max combined skill level of 13.
Winning team gets paid entry into Vegas event and travel money. Must sign up in advance. All participants must be on an active spring 8-Ball team and have twenty 8-Ball scores within the last two years by June 2019.
All ladies must participate in this local event with their highest 8-Ball skill level in the past 20 8-Ball matches. 
Teams Already Signed Up:
1. Kim Ness, Kirsten Kehe, Eva Miller
2. Norma Glenn-Frye, Kat Davis, KC Kelley
3. Colleen Janes, Edie Richards, Claudia Amos
4. Kati Dunham, Lisa McCuiston, Paige Bechdolt
5. Misty Hult, Lesley Stephens, Becca Melino
6. Aubrey Thompson, Star Ramey, Debbie  Corridori
7. Regina Ballard, Samantha Valentine, Laura Mariani
8. Robin Sahota, Tina Pazell, Vera Trout 
9. Rebecca Sable, Liberty McGaughey,  Deanna Daff
10. Bonnie Boswell, Darcy Kerns, Raylynn Percy 
11. Cheyenne Richardson, Deanna Dixon, Susan Hays 
12. Tacy Hann, Jillian Trimmer, Cristina Martinez 
13. Kim Scott, Karina Magurno, Stacey Allison
14. Sherry Smith, Chena Moore, Laura Reade
15. Dorene Murphy, Tonya Shields, Bailey Brewer