'Best of the Rest' Tournament

Thursday, April 15, 2021

 What is the ‘Best of the Rest’ Tournament?

The ‘Best of the Rest’ Tournament is a tournament designed just for teams who do NOT make it to the Northern  Nevada APA Championships (formerly called LTC's).

When is it? Where?

Saturday, July 10th at Coconut Bowl 

Who can play in this tournament?

ALL teams who do NOT qualify for the Northern Nevada APA Championships will be invited to play in this tournament.  As few as 3 people can play per team, but as many as many as 8 people can play also… that’s up to you and your team and whoever is available to play.  This is all based on your Spring roster—that is, the session that started in January and ended at the end of April. This is a Scotch Triples tournament.  The 3 people who play for your team during any given round can change from round to round.  So, if all 8 people from your regular team want to play, it's totally possible; you would just rotate your players in & out between rounds.  

Just as is the case with the Northern Nevada APA Championships, all participants must stay on an active summer team, but not necessarily the same team they were on in the spring session; it's common and OK for players to switch teams in the summer because summer is the beginning of a new league year.  

What’s the skill level limit?  What’s the race? What’s the format?

This is a FUN, no-pressure format!   Scotch Triples.  Maximum combined SL of 15 for the 3 players who shoot in any given round (with only one SL6 or higher during each round). Once play starts, handicap isn't a factor. It's just a race to 2 racks. Modified single elimination, guaranteeing each team plays twice. Winner of lag gets to break &  decides which format to play 1st - 8-Ball or 9-Ball - alternate between 8-Ball & 9-Ball rack to rack.  

What can we win at the Best of the Rest Tournament?

$2,000.00 cash will be added to this "Best of the Rest" tournament, in addition to 100% payback of all entry fees.  Entry fee is $50 per team (which amounts to as little as approximately $6 per player depending on the number of people from your team who choose to participate).   Assuming 32 teams participate, the total purse for the event will be $3,600..00.  

Is advance-sign-up required?

Yes!  Registration opens in late April when we know which teams are eligible.  Again, only teams who do NOT get to play in the Northern Nevada APA Championships are eligible to play in this ‘Best of the Rest’ tournament. 

Questions?   Call 775-443-8844.