Junior Doubles Tournament on July 29 or 30 (Pick one): Registration Open Now

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Junior Doubles Tournament Scheduled: 
When?  Saturday, July 29th  at Coconut Bowl... or Sunday July 30th at Coach's.  Pick just ONE (not both). 

The Saturday event is at Coconut Bowl in Sparks.  The Sunday event is at Coach's in South Reno.   Sign in for whichever day you choose is at 10:30am. 
To sign up, call or text 775-443-8844.  Must have your partner confirmed before signing up.  We need the age & correct spelling of the junior's first name, along with the APA adult the junior will partner with....
This tournament will likely fill up -  must sign up in advance.  

Format?   One adult & one junior (age 8-17 years old).  9-Ball.   MODIFIED SINGLE ELIMINATION THIS TIME... guarantees that each team gets to play twice (just like our regular adult tournaments). 
Who?  "Junior" can be any kid between the age of 8 -17 y/o;
             Adult must be on an active APA roster with at least 10 lifetime APA matches.
$15 Entry Fee (TOTAL ENTRY FEE, including junior and adult) 
Prizes to top-4 placing teams. 
ALL participating juniors will get a door prize.
Handicaps always apply so anyone can win! 
**Adults use their current skill levels (handicaps).  Kids age 8-10 are rated as SL0's; kids age 11-12 are rated as SL1's; kids age 13-14 are rated as SL2's; kids age 15-17 are rated as SL3's.   Maximum combined skill level of 10 for junior and adult combined.   Kids who are already active APA players use their current skill levels (instead of their ages).  Adults can & should raise their own partner's skill level if they know the child-partner is already a more-advanced player than the skill levels described here. Exact format/rules depend on the  # of teams who register, but the tournament will definitely be 9-Ball.  Scotch doubles regardless.